Information you should gather regarding Plan submission in Co-orparation by the Panchayath, Municipality

The permission obtained under the town and country planning act of 1971 is called planning permission. The permission involves taking permission before taking development actions in both the plan and on non plan areas. The person who wishes to submit the application should , get a license to construct a building in adherence with the local planning authority .The plan should consist of all the blueprints and plan designs that are used to construct the house .

Various situations that may arise

The authority’s in charge of accepting or rejecting the building license lies with the two authorities that may be the panchayath or municipality. In case the application is rejected on technical grounds, the applicant can appeal to the same local municipality for a review. The Appeal of the building plan should be addressed to the Director of the town and country planning through the head of the panchayath.

Activities that involve plan submission

Any sort of construction, be it for commercial, residential or industrial layouts requires prior planning permission and plan submission. The forms for the planning permissions can be obtained at the office of the local planning authority. The process of achieving planning permission requires a total of 45 days to be issued. The plans that are submitted require the proper classification of the building. The classification of buildings can be numerous. There exists ordinary buildings, residential buildings and special buildings. Special buildings are those buildings that are more than two floors but less than four floors including the ground floor. We are experts at all plan submission activities.

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